Benjamin Williams

Wrestling with problems that challenge me to problem solve and think creatively excites me. But even more exciting is the discovery, creation and distribution of new technology.

Technology is fun, interesting and I love the way it helps me explore, communicate with, and better understand the world.

My dream is to become a recognized innovator and contributor to future, practical technology. I look forward to challenging internships and hope to one day work with current leaders and innovators in the field.

After graduating from Stanford in 2018, I plan to make my own unique mark on the world and start my own tech company or help direct an existing company. After I am established in my career, it is my dream to have a scholarship and mentoring program for underserved inner-city students in Chicago.

I take great pride in community service and outreach as I firmly believe giving back is the only true and sustainable way to bring about change in society.

I'm also a professional hip-hop dancer, video editor, and aspiring musician.

Happy Mother's Day :-)

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother's Day :-) It is without question that you are one of the most encouraging, supportive, forward-thinking, and loving people that Sarah and I have in our lives. There are so many reasons to be thankful for you, so I'll just jump right into it...


You support me like nobody else does. Whether I'm experiencing a low, or riding on a high, you've always been there to remind me of my worth and make me feel loved and appreciated. You make me believe in myself in my moments of doubt, and you encourage me to be better with great feedback and constructive criticism. I always feel comfortable coming to you, and I love hearing your perspective when I go through things. I respect your opinion so much, and I'm extremely fortunate to have a Mom that's willing to take so much of her personal time to share her thoughts and give me advice.


Your creative and positive spirit are like no other. You've raised Sarah and me to be lovers, peacemakers, and leaders, and for that I am so grateful. You have an amazing spirit that has shown its strength in so many situations over the last few years. Challenges at your job, challenges with your marriage, challenges with family or friendships--I know all of these things have not been easy--but your positivity and good heart has always come out on top; there's so much to take away from that, and I'm still learning and reminded of that every day.


I'm so excited to have a Mom that thinks entrepreneurially, and has taught me to think outside of the box. I'm so proud of you for your recent accomplishments at your job. It means so much to me to have watched you craft and then bring to the limelight such an amazing program that is the Health Legacy Program. You are doing amazing work in novel ways, and no one can touch you on that. I'm not only proud of you, but excited for the future of whatever you choose to do down the road. Your creative spirit in unparalleled, and I think anyone that gets the chance to meet you can tell right away that there's something special about you.


I wanted to talk about these things because I think about them when I'm away at school. I think about you in my moments of doubt. You help me get through the tough times, and I'm so thankful to be able to call you my Mom.


I love you so much,